Isoran® RPP® Gold is the result of Jason/Megadyne’s continued focus on developing high-performance drive systems to obtain new application opportunities against alternative systems such as gears and chain.  Our systems take advantage of belt features such as lower weight, quieter running and reduced maintanence costs.


The Isoran® Gold belt system can be used in a virtually limitless range of industrial applications where a high-torque synchronous drive is required.


Isoran® RPP® Gold Synchronous Belts are specified by pitch length, tooth pitch and belt width in millimeters – Example: 1800-8MG-50


Features & Benefits

Hi-Performance Fiberglass Tensile Cord – Excellent dimensional stability.  Higher power capability

Special Hi-Performance Rubber – Increased power capacity; oil and heat resistance

Double Nylon Tooth Cover – Graphite impregnated for low friction and long wear

RPP® Tooth Profile – Reinforced Parabolic Profile – interchangeable with other RPP®/HTD®/HTB® pulley profiles

Reduced Noise – Quiet operation - RPP® is recognized as the quietest system on the market

Anti-Static Properties – Conforms to BS 2050 standard



Compound – Hi-Performance Chloroprene

Cord – Hi-Performance Fiberglass

Tooth Cover – Double Layer Nylon, Graphite Impregnated



Applications – Drives requiring increased efficiency or synchronous operation and higher power capacity than standard RPP® Silver synchronous belts.  General industry, conveyors, industrial equipment, machine and hand power tools, etc.

Engineering Standards – Conforms to ARPM IP-27 and ISO 13050 standards

Recommended Pulleys – Use pulleys made to ARPM or ISO 13050 standards

Special Widths - RPP® Gold can be supplied in any width – available upon request

Special Constructions – RPP® Gold available in 5mm pitch construction, as well as Double-Sided construction – upon request