UniMatch Banded V-belts are available in Deep Wedge sections 3V, 5V and 8V, and feature the same premium constructions as the individual Deep Wedge belt and are bonded together with a fabric-neoprene top band. These belts are often used on vertical shafts and where belt vibration, whipping and turn-over must be minimized.


To obtain the total list price, multiply the list price per rib by the total number of ribs per band. These belts conform to ARPM Engineering Standard IP-22.


Banded Deep Wedge V-belts are specified by a number followed by a forward slash which indicates banded construction, number of ribs and a letter/number combination indicating the base belt part number Example: 8/5V750.


Features & Benefits

High Power Capability High power with a more compact drive

Banded Construction Fabric/Neoprene top band enhances stability and prevents belts from turning over or coming off of the drive. Minimizes vibration.

Oil & Heat Resistant Durability in tough environments



Compound NR/SBR

Cord Polyester

Cover Cotton/polyester blend

Top Band Fabric/Neoprene



Applications General Industry, HVAC Equipment, Lawn & Garden, Agriculture

Engineering Standards Conform to ARPM standard IP-22

Recommended Pulleys Use pulleys made to ARPM standards

Special Order Availability

R3V425 to R3V475, up to 21 ribs wide

R3V500 to R3V1060, up to 54 ribs wide

R3V1120 to R3V1400, up to 48 ribs wide

R5V All sizes, up to 30 ribs wide

R8V All sizes, up to 20 ribs wide


Note 2 and 3 rib belts are not returnable


It is common practice for some belt suppliers to fill orders for banded V-belts by supplying separate bands (belts) that add up to the total number of ribs requested. Normal policy for Jason/Megadyne is to supply a one-piece banded V-belt unless otherwise requested. Example: Order is for one belt with 8 ribs. Some suppliers will send two belts with 4 ribs each. Jason/Megadyne will ship as ordered, one belt with 8 ribs, unless otherwise specified.