Open-End V-belting is used for specialized requirements where difficulty of installation prevents the use of endless belts or for emergency repairs. Open-End comes in either perforated (pre-drilled for easy cutting and fastener installation) or solid construction where a more durable belt is required. Open-End V-belting has an oil and heat resistant neoprene cover. Belting is cut to desired length and joined with metal fasteners. Only a knife and screwdriver are required for assembly.

Available in four sections. Standard roll length is 164 ft. (50 meters).


Features & Benefits

Easy Assembly Machinery does not have to be dismantled to install

Cut to Desired Length Readily available in emergency situations

Perforated Construction Allows for easier joining pre-drilled holes for easy fastener installation

Solid Construction Slightly better tensile strength (hp/torque capability) than perforated version

Multi-Layer Reinforcement Consistent strength, good fastener retention