Jason Type 400 flat belts are single-ply, endless woven belts built to the rigid standards necessary to meet the demands of modern high speed compact drives requiring flat belts. These belts are interchangeable with Gates Speed Flex, #400 Panther, Tilton Superspeed and Fenner Ultra Speed 400.


Jason Type 400 Endless Woven Flat belts are available in -inch increments from 8 up to 62.5 inches, and in 1-inch increments from 63 up to 142 inches. These high-performance flat belts have a single-ply of endless woven polyester cord bonded to an oil-resistant, non-marking, static conducting chloroprene rubber cover.


Belts are specified by length in inches, the letter M and width in one-hundredths of an inch; Example - 36.0M125.