Dual HTB® belts are often used in reversing or serpentine applications.


Special widths are available: use list price for next width stock belt.  Materials are same as standard HTB® belt, except that the teeth on one side are ground from fiber reinforced chloroprene stock.  Power takeoff from the ground side is limited to 50% of total belt rating.  Teeth with nylon cover should always be on the driver pulley.


Any width available from stock, consult Jason/Megadyne for pricing.


Dual HTB® Belts are specified the same way as single sided HTB® Belts, except with a “D” prefix – Example: D1190-14M-55


Features & Benefits

• Fiberglass Tensile Cord – High dimensional stability and maximum flexibility

• Chloroprene Belt Body – Oil, heat and ozone resistance; high tooth shear resistance

• Nylon Tooth Cover – Durability and wear resistance, increased power capacity

• Double Sided Teeth – Serpentine drives, reverse rotation of driven shafts



Compound – Chloroprene

Cord – Fiberglass

Tooth cover – Nylon



Applications – Drives requiring premium efficiency or synchronous operation and higher power capacity than trapezoidal timing belts.  Used on conveyors, industrial equipment, machine tools, hand power tools and agricultural equipment where high power density is needed.

Engineering Standards – Conforms to ARPM standard IP-27

Recommended Pulleys – Use pulleys made to ARPM standards