ARPM (RMA) spec multiple V-Belts in raw edge, cogged construction are especially useful for high-speed compact drives. These belts all have the UniMatch feature. Raw edge, cogged multiple V-belts are listed by industry number in which the first letter indicates belt section, the X signifies cogged, raw edge that has greater power capacity than the standard wrapped construction. The number is the ARPM belt designation number.


Features & Benefits

Raw Edge Sidewalls Eliminates slippage and increases efficiency versus wrapped V-belts and saves energy

UniMatched Construction Consistent performance in multiple V-belt drives and ensures all belts of the same size measure within ARPM matching limits

Oil & Heat Resistant Better than standard belts in oily environments (occasional splash) and higher ambient temperatures



Compound Chloroprene

Cord Polyester

Cover Cotton/polyester blend



Applications General Industry, HVAC Equipment, Lawn & Garden, Agriculture

Engineering Standards Conforms to ARPM standard IP 20

Recommended Pulleys Use pulleys made to ARPM standards