Accu-Linkฎ detachable tab type link belting is the ideal substitute for conventional rubber V-belts.  Make endless with a simple twist – no tools required!  Polyester fabric is impregnated with a premium polyurethane compound that eliminates elongation and improves tensile strength for longer life.


Jason/Megadyne’s exclusive manufacturing process makes Accu-Linkฎ the most precise belt of its type, for optimum sidewall fit with the pulley.


Accu-Link is available in 25 ft. and 100 ft. cartons.

3L and A-Link also available in 5 ft. sleeved length.  B-Link also available in 6 ft. sleeved length.


Features & Benefits

• Durable Urethane Coating – Increased life and durability

• Rugged Polyester Fabric – Strength and longer life; maximum horsepower

• Can Be Assembled In Any Length – Readily available in emergencies – reduces inventory

• Easy Assembly – No Tools Needed – Assemble by hand, a fast and reliable solution, minimizes downtime

• Chemical and High Temperature Resistance – Dependability in harsh environments

• Segmented Link Construction – Rolls onto drive pulleys like chain – no cords to break

Reduced vibration over conventional V-Belts

• Versatility – Can be used in any industry, hundreds of applications

Can be used as singles or multiple V-belts

• Horsepower Capacity – Power ratings equal to conventional V-belts

• Interchangeability – Can be installed on existing pulleys with no changes in set up


Where to Use Accu-Linkฎ

• Temporary or permanent substitution for conventional rubber V-belts

• Any V-belt application where it is difficult to install an endless belt – avoid costly labor-intensive machine teardowns

• V-belt applications where chemical resistance and high temperature resistance is needed

• Mobile Service Vehicles where carrying a large inventory of belts is not practical



Applications – Poultry, HVAC, General Industry, Lawn & Garden, Agriculture

Engineering Standards – None – No engineering standard exists for link-type belting

Recommended Pulleys – Use pulleys made to ARPM standards

Availability – 3L, A, B, C, CC sections