FDA Bulk Food Suction Hose


CONSTRUCTION: Tube is white natural rubber (NR), 3/16 thick, FDA Grade. Cover is natural rubber, gray with flat corrugations. Two-ply reinforcement with a steel wire helix.

TEMPERATURE: -40F (-40C) to +150F (+66C)

BRANDING: Jason logo 4460 FDA ID 3/16 Tube BULK FOOD SUCTION WP (PSI) (BAR). Orange Mylar longitudinal stripe.

APPLICATION: For suction, pneumatic or gravity transfer of flour, sugar, syrup or edible grains.


Corrugations make the hose extremely flexible.

FDA Grade tube, natural rubber.

Natural rubber cover is weather and abrasion resistant.

All sizes are full vacuum.


Working pressure is temperature dependent.


All sizes may not be stocked in all locations. Check with customer service for availability.

We disclaim any liability for use of our products in applications other than which they are designed.