A narrower, deeper, wedge shape than classical V-belts with more efficient load carrying characteristics and higher power capability, allowing for smaller, more compact drives. These belts feature UniMatch construction, which eliminates the need for belt set matching. Stock UniMatch Deep Wedge V-belts conform to ARPM Engineering Standard IP-22. Deep Wedge V-belts are identified by a number and letter specifying the belt section and a number giving the outside length in inches multiplied by 10 Example: 3V250.


Features & Benefits

High Power Capability Higher power with a more compact drive

UniMatch Construction Consistent performance in multiple V-belt drives and ensures all belts of the same size measure within ARPM matching limits

Oil & Heat Resistant Standard construction belts that deliver excellent performance in most drive conditions



Compound NR/SBR

Cord Polyester

Cover Cotton/polyester blend



Applications General Industry, Agriculture

Engineering Standards Conforms to ARPM standard IP-22

Recommended Pulleys Use pulleys made to ARPM standards