Product Guidelines:

There is important information about all our items stored within the Comments area. To view these comments, simply click on the highlighted Item ID or on the word Comments.


ü      All timing belts are stocked in “sleeve” format and any “pre-cut” size is cut to order. When viewing product availability for timing belts, it will be shown with the accurate number of belts that can be produced from that sleeve.


ü      We also stock “pre-cut” timing belts already in the “pre-cut” form at our Florida and Texas branches. These items all start with a prefix of the letter “I”. (Example item 100XL050 can be stocked as I100XL050 as well).


** When these types of items are displayed, you can quickly view the availability of either item by clicking on the “Substitute” button under the “Add & Checkout” button.


ü      When checking stock/ordering banded Vee Belts or Multirib products, please note that these items are stocked in ribbed Sleeves Only. Be certain that your selected branch has sufficient sleeve stock in the proper Rib quantities to complete your order. If uncertain that the stock quantity level is suitable to the number of Ribs you are ordering, please contact Jason Customer Service.


Also please enter the Number of Belts and the number of Ribs into the required fields, click on the "Calculate" button and the system will automatically enter the Total number of Ribs into the "QTY" field. After entering your request, click on the "Add to Cart" button.


ü     All Hose items are sold in “Bulk” quantities ONLY.


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