*** EFFECTIVE February 5, 2007 ****


The Jason Industrial, Inc. Website will have a NEW LOOK!


Today you are viewing our new PRM look and this is the same look our B2B customers will see come 2/5/07!




  • Easier Navigation buttons with drop-down selections to all pages!
  • Rotating images of all our product lines!
  • Updated PDF Catalogs!
  • A “Resource” page that will link you to our Business Partners and Trade Organizations!
  • News Page, for all the new things happing at Jason Industrial, Inc.
  • The www.jasonindustrial.ca (Canadian) website will be merged into the www.jasonindustrial site and in the new future our customers have a choice of languages that include English, French and Spanish.

If on Monday February 5th you get calls from our customers please let them know we are launching the new site and have them follow the directions I have listed below.

  • The Business Partner Login Page will have a new "link", in order to connect to the proper server, please select “United States Users” and the new “Login” page will be displayed! All logins and passwords remain the same and if for any reason the www.jasonindustrial.com site is down, you can connect to the B2B Server directly by using the following URL address: