Business Partner User Guide


Menu Options:

            Welcome Page – This is the main page you’re brought to after successfully logging onto the Jason Industrial, Inc On-line ordering system.


            Guidelines – Listed within this page are helpful rules for how inventory is displayed, how orders are processed and any special requirements that are necessary when ordering certain Jason items.


            Order Status – Using this function, the user can list all Open Orders, Shipped/Billed Orders and All other Orders such as Blanket Orders, Future Orders and Quote Orders. From this function the user can display detailed information by clicking on any highlighted field. Also if tracking information is needed and the order was shipped via UPS, the highlighted tracking number can be clicked on which will automatically link the user to the UPS website.


            Account View – Using this function, the user can get an overview of their total open receivables with Jason. Also listed within this function is information such as “Last Sales Amount”, “Last Payment Amount” and “Average Days to Pay”. When selecting any “aging” bucket on the right side of the screen, the user can get detailed invoice information for all open invoices or paid invoices.


            Products – This function is used when checking price and product availability. Also listed are products purchased by your account, making it easier to order the same items without having to remember the part numbers.


            My Order – When a product is selected and a quantity is entered, your order is started. To list items on your current order be processed simply click on this function. If an order is started and you leave the Jason Industrial, Inc On-line ordering system, your order is still there waiting to be processed for twenty days from the original order date, if the "Accept Order" button was never clicked. If you do not return to your order within the twenty days, then your order was never placed with Jason and your order is automatically cleared.


            Checkout – This function is used to complete your on-line order. Using this function, the user can easily see all products being purchased with quantities and pricing. If you have selected items from multiple locations, the Jason branch location will also be displayed. Also when checking out, the user can verity shipping address, shipping method and must enter a purchase order number as a reference to their Jason order.


            Contact Us – If you have questions about using the Jason Industrial, Inc On-line ordering system, or need additional information about our product lines, please use the “contact us” function to send your request via email.


            Logoff – This function is used to end your on-line ordering and securely logoff the Jason Industrial, Inc Business Partner site.